London Barrio Fiesta Ltd. will organise the annual Barrio Fiesta Event from year 2023 onwards. It is a heritage event that is held to integrate Filipino Culture to the society and significantly contribute to social obligations of our second home, the United Kingdom, while celebrating the Philippines Independence Day as gesture of love and respect to our mother land.

It is an annual gathering that unites the Filipino community and other nationalities from all over the United Kingdom that is attended by more than 10,000 individuals, families and friends.

The event will be highlighted by musical entertainment and sports, food fair and show case of Filipino entrepreneurs that would benefit the people from different walks of life and all ages of various race and ethnicity with focus on the youth and younger generations to enhance their knowledge of the Filipino Values and Culture.


To advocate for unity and sustainable support system amongst Filipino community in the United Kingdom and integrate our Filipino Culture with other cultures and ethnicity through the commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of Philippines Independence Day whilst extending support to the elected beneficiaries such as charitable institutions.


A community of united, successful and charitable Filipinos in the United Kingdom that integrated Filipino culture to the society through observance of the heritage event of Independence Day annually from generation to generation. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Event Organising and Hosting

The main revenue generator for our company will be the event planning, organising and hosting at our event venue. It may include sale of entrance tickets, raffle tickets, merchandise, sponsoship solicitation and rental of stalls to the vendors or exhibitors.